12/12/2014 17:13

Its a sure way to piss me off and get on my blacklist!

Yes I understand you do have questions and concerns, Yes I am happy to anwser them in moderation. But if you waste my time on going through the booking process and/or telling me that you have money when you really don't and you are here to just play games then DO NOT contact me! I am far to busy to be playing around with little boys. So be advised that if you contact me and take up any length of my time via text, ect. and do not complete with serving for a session you WILL be automatically blocked/banned from ever serving me... EVER!!! Then you will be outed online for all Dommes to see complete with screen shots, phone number and name and e-mail so don't be stupid!

Needless to say be prepared mentally & financially to serve within a 24 hour time frame when contacting me! 



Goddess Chanel

I own a traveling dungeon, I am fully equipped (See it all in pics) and touring the USA (No Out-Calls)

USA ➦ North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California and more to come. Book me NOW for your area to add to this growing list!