Texting ONLY policy

08/31/2014 12:22

Some of you have asked why I prefer to text over a phone call, here is why:

Due to the high volume of calls I would get all day and all night, if I anwsered all of them and had a convo with each and every one I would never be able to get anything done in the day or even be able to sleep with my phone ringing constantly. With texting I am easily able to weed out the fakers within the first few texts, I can multitask and actually get things done throughout the day all while talking (texting) to YOU. Think about it!

 Another question I get is:

"Do you ever talk on the phone?"

Yes I will do a verification call ONLY before you come to my dungeon before our session time, short and sweet.

"Do you do phone sessions?"

 Yes I do pay per call sessions however I'm more of a HANDS ON kind of woman so I personally dont enjoy phone sessions, I would much rather be able to see you in person and play!

"Do you do Skype sessions?"

Yes I absolutely do, still not as fun as hands on in person but still much better then a phone session in my opinion, I am a visual type of woman.....

So in closing if this is something you can't deal with then I can't deal with you, no point in wasting my time when there are REAL submissives out there who are just as serious as I am! 


Goddess Chanel

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