Pro-Domme vs Insta-Domme Know the Differences!

02/04/2015 13:06

What is an Insta-Domme?

An Insta-Domme is someone who has ZERO knowledge and experience in BDSM and it does show! They are new to the scene and are using the "Domme" term to take advantage of submissves and steel their money so they dont have to do any REAL work. An Insta-Domme will hurt you due to their lack of inexperience and knowledge. So many of these childish girls ARE giving the BDSM lifestyle a BAD name and are quickly destroying our community and messing things up for ALL of us. BEWARE! They are scammers, not a real lifestyle or Pro-Domme!  

A Pro-Domme, also called a Dominatrix or Mistress, is a professional who engages in BDSM activity with clients. These clients take on the submissive role (or "bottom") during a session. Typical activities engaged in may include: dominance and submission (D/s), sadomasochism (S&M), fetish play, bondage, and discipline. While BDSM activities are highly charged both emotionally and sexually, sex is not included in the services of a Pro-Domme. A Pro-Domme is someone who is well known and active in the community and lifestyle and has been for years, They ARE fully trained for real time sessions, fully equipped, skilled and knowledgeable in safety and play. Yes they do get paid, for their experiance and knowledge amongst many other elements.

Now that you know the difference. DO YOUR RESEARCH before you get severely hurt or worse! This IS a SERIOUS issue!


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