Instructions on How to make a deposit when booking for your session day/time:

Its simple, I use Gift Rocket ONLY,  NON-Refundable, Simply go to, use my e-mail  its fast, easy and secure. $50 dollars WILL be requested from me to you once you have made it to this final step!

Deposits are to guarantee your session day/time 

YOU MUST CANCEL WITHIN 4 HOURS OF YOUR SESSION, to be able to reschedule for another day/time. 

If you cancel your session within 4 hours of your session time you are still responsible for the FULL session tribute!



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In order to contact me for a session YOU MUST first fill out my submission form here:

I have been getting overloaded with e-mails with no submission forms filled out, that is NOT how this works! Fill out my form or you WILL NOT serve me, simple as that! 

Most submissives have NO problem with taking the necessary steps to serve me so why should YOU be any different? YOUR NOT! 


The dangers of Scat Play and why I DO NOT do this! Know the dangers and risks!

For those who have never heard of it before, coprophagia, or the practice of eating your own or another person's feces, may give new meaning to the term "sexual appetite." Copraphagia is often a component of the wider term coprophilia, which refers to getting sexual pleasure from the excretion of human feces, whether it's from its smell, touch, taste or sight. Scat is another term for feces, and scat sex or scat play refers to using scat in sexual activities. Although playing with someone's scat is generally regarded as safe if proper protection is used (think latex gloves, plastic wrap, dental dams, washing with soap before and after sex), eating someone else's scat can greatly increase one's risk of parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections and jaundice . This does not mean that eating feces is necessarily poisonous, but it can make you very sick.

Shigella, campylobacter, salmonella and E.coli are four bacteria commonly present in fecal matter. These bacteria, along with parasites like amebas and giardia, can cause severe diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, bloody stools, fever, nausea and vomiting. The viruses Hepatitis A and E may also be transmitted through contact with fecal matter. Itchiness in parts of the body can occur and may cause enzymes in the liver to reach critical levels in the body. Relapses may also occur six months to a year after the first symptoms show up. All four types of infections can occur even without eating any scat. If one's mouth, nose, or any orifice or open cuts or sores touches something that has had contact with the feces (such as kissing an unwashed hand after using the bathroom), then it is possible for s/he to become infected as well.  

Women should take extra precaution when coming into contact with scat, because urinary tract and vaginal infections are commonly caused by the bacteria present in fecal matter. The idea of experimenting with scat play might heat things up in the bedroom (or bathroom, or anywhere else you choose), but it's always a good idea to consider the risks of a behavior before acting upon (or getting action from) it.

I have NOT nor will I EVER participate in scat play, it is just way to dangerous and GROSS!

Keep it CLASSY!


Goddess Chanel

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