11/18/2015 22:05
My website has moved for the time being to: Site opens in a new window. Proceed as normal from there!  
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Major Web Site Change

11/18/2015 20:58
*Attention* Exciting news: I am excited to announce that my website is getting a complete makeover and upgrade!!! Everything you see on my site right now will all be completely changed in the next few days so enjoy this basic version for now! See all of you wicked ones...
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08/23/2015 19:52 For Foot Lovers "Foot Loose"
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04/10/2015 18:56
Need to see my reviews? Check them out here: Served me and want to leave a review? Do so here my pets:
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03/16/2015 19:48
NOW Blacklisting submissives! How to get blacklisted? It's very simple. If you DO NOT follow ANY of my instructions or guidelines noted in my ads or on this (MY)  website you WILL be blacklisted! If you CALL me instead of texting me you WILL be blacklisted! If you are a NO CALL NO SHOW...
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Pro-Domme vs Insta-Domme Know the Differences!

02/04/2015 13:06
What is an Insta-Domme? An Insta-Domme is someone who has ZERO knowledge and experience in BDSM and it does show! They are new to the scene and are using the "Domme" term to take advantage of submissves and steel their money so they dont have to do any REAL work. An Insta-Domme will hurt you due to...
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How-To Deposits

01/18/2015 19:11
Instructions on How to make a deposit when booking for your session day/time: Its simple, I use Gift Rocket ONLY,  NON-Refundable, Simply go to, use my e-mail  its fast, easy and secure. $50 dollars WILL be requested from me to you...
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Video and Social Media

01/07/2015 14:49
Here are all of my official links for your everyday needs, Do your homework on me now,  all on 1 page for easy access. Enjoy!                  Follow me for up to date news, pics and vids: Twitter: ...
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Must Read

12/26/2014 17:13
New exciting things coming in 2015  Get ready!
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12/12/2014 17:13
Its a sure way to piss me off and get on my blacklist! Yes I understand you do have questions and concerns, Yes I am happy to anwser them in moderation. But if you waste my time on going through the booking process and/or telling me that you have money when you really don't and you are here to...
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A Goddess Takes NO Lover, A Goddess  Makes Slaves of MEN!


                    Goddess of Sensation

                Welcome to my World Maggot


If you are seeing this page then you have taken the first step into becoming my submissive and serving me in Real Life, You ARE 21 years of age or older. Make sure you read through my ENITRE WEBSITE and complete ALL forms!

I am the woman YOU have been looking for, I am the WOMAN in CONTROL!

You WILL address me as Goddess Chanel at all times!

You WILL do as I ask! You WILL NOT send me pictures of your nasty little slug UNLESS I tell you to do so for a laugh!

You WILL worship me however I want!


I am very selective with those I choose to let serve me.

I require COMPLETE obedience & the upmost respect at all times. This is NOT a joke, this is NOT a game!

I am also a Cam Verified Domme

I am the boss. I respond to messages when I want to. If I need rest, I get rest. I don't answer to you. you answer to ME. That's the beauty of Dominance.

Before you attempt to email or text me make sure you filled out ALL forms, read everything very carefully, looked over all my pictures and seen at least 1 video of mine! Do your research!  I will not respond if you have not filled out the neccessary forms!!

CALLS WILL NOT BE EXCEPTED PERIOD!  Don't like it? To bad, I dont like my phone ringing all day and all night! BE RESPECTFUL or GET BLACKLISTED!!!

I love to enjoy my time  so if you don't then I am not the Domme you are looking for.

Remember I am always right. I am a very experienced, highly intelligent, thorough Goddess.

If your fetish is not mentioned,  email me for details. 

To book a session and guarantee a date & time, make a deposit, its that easy!!!

E-Mail me at:

Spoil me NOW Wishlist Link:

Please note: Information contained within is not an offer for prostitution. Money exchanged is for my time and experience only!


(received or given)



Visitor's notice


This website is intended for submissives 21+ ONLY!  There is NO sexually explicit pictures or videos here sorry. Feel free to check out my Twitter and follow me @ChanelHardcore

Join me on FetLife :

See my LIVE webcam shows:   

To view any of my videos, follow the links below:






Remember, The best way to get my attention is through

my Wish List: or Amazon Gift Cards to  Spoil your goddess NOW!!!

Must Read: As you are aware I am a Pro Dominatrix, yes I love what I do & have lots of fun doing it, but this is what I do full time. With that being said there is a tribute that comes along with play. I am very good at what I do and my time is precious!

I have found the most effective method to ensure your sessions with me are intense, specific to your needs and to the highest standard of excellence, a written exchange of information is necessary. I will not accept phone calls as a substitute ever as I am to busy to just sit and chat with everyone ALL DAY LONG!!!  I am detailed with you hopeful submissive about myself, I deserve the same respect in return! I didn't spend a lot of time working on this website for nothing!

New Submissive Hopeful

How to approach a Pro-Domme

02/04/2015 18:19
Many clients present themselves to a prospective Mistress in an unfavorable way, which results in them not being given that precious opportunity to serve. Sometimes clients can find a Pro-Domme who will session with them, only to discover that the so called "Dominatrix" is inexperienced or lacking...
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This Submission form is for REAL SUBMISSIVES ONLY! I am nobody's girlfriend I AM A DOMME, DO NOT get it confused! If you are looking for your next girlfriend or escort then YOU MUST leave this page immediately because you WILL NOT find ANY of that with me EVER!


**  :All specified fetishes hyphined, are provided but require any "special request items" to be purchased by you the client. Also, you MUST specify any special items before booking! I use the fetish checklist at my discretion, all services checked are not guaranteed to be fulfilled all in one session! I dominate over time to establish a platonic relationship & do not give you all the goods on the first date!  I reserve the right to refuse ANY session I deem unsafe or unlawful.


Goddess Chanel

I own a traveling dungeon, I am fully equipped (See it all in pics) and touring the USA (No Out-Calls)

USA ➦ North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California and more to come. Book me NOW for your area to add to this growing list!